Mind Clarity Crystal Candle

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Essential oils 

Fill any room with a delightful & clean smell all while building your crystal collection and allowing your intentions to manifest. These 8oz candles come in a variety of scents and intentions for every personal need. The mind clarity candle will allow you to focus on what is important, while allowing you to speak up for yourself, therefore making it easier to reach your goals. The stress relieve candle will help you calm down with its relaxing scent & the amazing energy of the amethyst crystals in it. The protection candle will help protect you by keeping negative energies away from you, charged with a variety of protective herbs and crystals like black tourmaline, your intentions will manifest right before your eyes. The love candle will allow you to heal your heart and learn how to properly love yourself so that you can attract the right love. The mixture of rose petals, rose quartz, and sweet scent will open your heart while you set your intentions into the universe.