Moon Necklace πŸŒ™

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Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that doubles as a protective stone. It gets rid of the negative energies around you while keeping your intuition sharp. This stone is used to bring courage and inner strength, wearing it for interviews or for public speaking will give you the confidence boost you need.

Β Turquoise protects you from negative energies while allowing you to stay optimistic, it's a good crystal to use when you are around a large crowd to prevent any toxic energies from getting close to you.

Aventurine is one of the luckiest stones, color of money, bringing prosperity your way. Wearing it will bring you luck and fortune, and open new doors for new opportunities, while blocking negative energies.

Red Jasper is an extremely stable stone that tends to stabilize ones own energies. It can help balance emotions & help express your truths. This stone helps you get work done gradually for permanent results.

Citrine promotes self confidence, self respect, individuality, and stimulates self realization. It gives energy of joy and courage, it also helps overcome depression, fears, phobias, and self destructive behavior. It attracts happiness, prosperity, success, wealth and abundance. It also promotes self expression and helps resolve conflicts within a group. Citrine protects the aura and cleans the chakras. The stone also provides physical energy, and stimulates digestion and has a beneficial effect on the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and intestines.