Magic In The Sheets ❤️‍🔥

Magic In The Sheets ❤️‍🔥

Magic In The Sheets Blog #1

Sex Magic is when you combine the pleasure from being intimate (either with a partner or by yourself) with the power of setting intentions and affirmations. You are combining such intense energies, your sexual energy is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize while trying to manifest something. Sex is a natural and pure experience, although sometimes it’s viewed as dirty, it’s one of the most magical experiences. Think about it, that moment right before you orgasm, the intensity you feel, the vibrations going through your body, the way your skin feels, the bliss of it all. When done with the right partner you may even feel like one, so deeply connected, so blissful. Now imagine that powerful energy being used to set an intention. BOOM! You come to realize you have all the tools to do spell work, with your own body, no tools required, no ingredients needed. You can of course always use tools to set the energy.


When you first start out it can be a little intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. Have your intention ready before you start. If you need to, burn a love potion candle, let the passion flow through the room , through your body, put some music on (music is a magic all in its own as well) relax your body, say your affirmations. If you are doing this on your own, give yourself a relaxing bath before hand, lather your body up with a love potion oil, feel your body. Appreciate every curve, every beauty mark you pass by as you massage your body with the oil. Feel the love for yourself, allow yourself to get lost in the passion of you. Feel the intense energy of your orgasm(s) and bathe in it, say your affirmation out loud for the universe to hear.


If you are doing this with a partner fill them in, let them know what your intention is, let them know how the mood will be set. It’s important to talk about it so that when the orgasm(s) happen you can be fully in the moment, no extra thinking, no awkward moment. If you feel like your partner might not be open to the idea of this, ease into it. Start talking about affirmations and manifesting regularly, involve them in your day to day simple magic. Write affirmations out for them, introduce and intention candle or bottle for something they have been needing or talking about, make it fun.


Once the hard work is out of the way, it’s time to get in the sheets! Pick an intention together, set the mood, allow yourselves to feel the magic of each other, appreciate your bodies, every little bit of them. Again, start by setting the mood, with a love potion candle, use your love potion oil, put on your favorite love making song on. Massage each other simultaneously, feeling each other’s bodies, touch every part of their body like you’re looking to touch their soul. Kiss with passion, feel the curves of their lips, show their bodies love! Kissing should not be reserved just for the lips, feel their energy and soak it in. Allow yourself to fall in love with every bit of them, to feel the energy of when their body meets yours, feel the intensity of this sexual connection. If there are multiple orgasm say your intention out loud with every single one of them, let your partner know how good they are making you feel use your vocal magic to build them up. Allow the energy to move through your body into their body knowing they are doing the same for you. Don’t rush it, allow it to bake, taking it all in with every move and every breath. It’s important to continue the experience even after the actual activity is over, enjoy the peace, embrace each other, feel each other’s heartbeats slowly reaching stillness. Feel the results off your affirmations and intentions manifesting in the air.


Remember as with everything else, practice makes perfect, the first time may feel a little awkward or even silly, you might even feel defeated but don’t allow yourself to sulk in it too much. Try again, keep an open mind. As time goes by it will become easy and natural, it will feel part of you. Once you’ve become more experienced you might even skip the setting the mood, and go straight to appreciating each other. You can use sex magic to set intentions like any other, to manifest a better job, that promotion, you’ve been wanting, health concerns, love life, and so on.


Affirmations examples:


Abundance is everywhere


I will feel my best


I am attracting unconditional love


I will obtain financial success


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